Wednesday, 27 January 2016

57ème Ligne Progress (1) First figures

I began painting, rather conveniently, at the start of January. To date I have only completed 15 figures which will become the grenadier company a fusilier company and the command of the 1st Battalion. My target of a figure a day seems to be way off the mark, I think a battalion every 2 months is more realistic. I have however, bought almost all the figures required for the 3 battalion project, requiring only a few voltigeurs skirmishing and 2 fusilier companies. I also spent much time researching the specifics of the uniforms and developing the colour system I would use. I am quite happy with the results so far. However, I think the shade/highlight of the cloth may be a little too subtle for my relatively poor iPhone camera to pick out.

Below are the grenadier and 1st fusilier companies, oh and a sapper, completed though not based.


Friday, 15 January 2016

1st Project, 57ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

So onto my first project that will be blogged. I have decided to paint up the 57ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne. This regiment was present at Borodino, 1812 and was part of the 5th Infantry Division. From what I have read in the Osprey book on Borodino, 1812 it appears the 57ème Ligne had 5 battalions with 4 light guns attached.

However, I only fancy painting the 57ème Ligne with  3 battalions. In total this will amount to 108 infantry with 18 officers, plus 12 voltigeurs and 1 colonel so a total of  roughly 140 figures to paint. I know Perry Miniatures sell the plastic boxed sets and I think they are a fantastic idea for someone to build up large armies relatively cheaply but having tried the plastics I have decided to stick with the metal figures. I have already bought the first two battalions of figures and have started taking the flash off them and priming them. 

The figures will all be in the march attack pose and the 1st and 2nd battalions will wear the bardin regulation coats, the 3rd battalions will wear grey greatcoats and should I paint a 4th and 5th battalion beige greatcoats. I believe a fellow painter (Bryce Allen perhaps) used a similar pattern when painting Napoleonic Russians and I quite like the idea as it gives variety and hopefully the greatcoats speed up the project.

I will only be using Games Workshop paints as they are all I have ever used and I will post step-by-steps guides on how I paint items of clothing, equipment, skin tones etc. The figures will also be based using the Renedra bases Perry Miniatures Supply.

Below is a graphic of how I envision this project when completed. The next post (allowing for sunlight in the UK) will contain a few pictures of the progress made so far. 

Friday, 1 January 2016


This blog will be dedicated almost exclusively to Napoleonic miniatures, specifically from the Perry Miniatures range, and the painting of those figures. Although I intend to use the General de Brigade rule set, there will be no wargaming posts.

The blog's main purpose will be to keep myself focused on each project and hopefully (although unrealistically) complete each project. I will be posting details on paints and materials used as well as some techniques and hopefully pictures of the finished articles.

I have painted various periods for easily over 15 years. My first painted figures were the Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings range. These have a huge nostalgic pull on me even today. I then found the historical ranges produced by the Perry Brothers. I began with The American War of Independence. I have played around with this period for probably close to 10 years but have tended to sell completed units on eBay when I grew bored of the period. I have also experimented with the Samurai range, Sudan range and with the Napoleonic range.

A huge influence on deciding to publish a blog is a blog I came across about 5 years ago Tarleton's Quarter by Giles Allison. Although I have never had the pleasure of conversing with Giles or in fact any wargamer/miniature painter I am convinced there is a huge silent community who view painted miniatures online as inspiration and encouragement for their project. I know this is the case with myself.

As a last note please be aware that posts will be fairly sparse as I am currently working full time, studying a degree in Psychology and I also have a daughter and a fiance to entertain.